A Community Feeling

The range of facilities made available to residents at the Prime Villa compound encourages a healthy lifestyle made possible in a fun and enjoyable way

With advantageous proximity to other esteemed residential developments within the heart of Dubai Sports City, you’ll always have the assurance and peace of having your loved ones closer to you

Club House

We all make excuses to work out less. Most of the time it is the inconvenience of a distant gym or average facilities for top rates. Ernie Els Golf Club and Fairways don't give you the luxury of an excuse. They simply give you luxury.


One of the most attractive components of the development is its vast spread greenery and spacious walking areas that offer you a chance to reconnect with the serenity and beauty of nature in bloom.

Swimming Pool

Beat the Heat with a daily splash in the communal swimming pool. What better way to cap a tiring day out than dipping into the cool waters flowing just meters away from each home in the compound. With controlled water temperatures, life at Prime Villas means that everyday can be summer day.

World-class fitness facilities

Engaging your mind, body and soul, through aesthetics, athletics and accessibility, we offer you the unbeatable trinity to invaluable fitness and good health. Our dedicated Community Centre gives you hygienic and modern facilities of swimming pool, sauna and gym. The old adage 'Health is Wealth' is never truer than at the Prime Villas community.